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My workshop
My workshop and showroom is situated downtown Athens in a very noisy and thriving street. I work there because I can find everything I need for my jewelry (precious metals, crystals, gem stones, cords and threads) just around the corner! I can also keep in contact with my friends and fans, who often visit me there, since access is very easy.

My technique
The technique I use for engraving silver and bronze surfaces is unique and demands a lot of effort and time. Each piece of jewelry in the “Handwritten” collection is engraved exclusively by me using the flexible shaft and a tiny burr. For the dark parts I first oxidize silver or bronze and then engrave the words on it, for the plain silver or bronze parts I first engrave the metal and then oxidize only the engraved letters. Through the years I have created a very distinctive and decorative handwriting on metal. This is the reason why, although I usually create multiple pieces of every design, each one is unique! This is also why I can engrave anything you wish on a certain piece, with no extra cost.

Every piece of jewelry has a special name, e.g. the “Full moon” earrings, the “Message” bracelets or the "Take my heart" pendant. Usually every piece of jewelry which bears a certain name has the same words (something like a special poem) inscribed on it, but then again you never know! I write them all by hand, didn’t I already mention? I can change the words anytime!


Bronze Poems

This collection is created in bronze combined with silver details.

On these pieces I engrave poems by great Greek Poets such as Odysseus Elytis, Giorgos Seferis, C.P. Cavavy and others.

I also write verses from Homer's Odyssey and Iliad.

Bronze is carefully patinated to create a soft brown colour.

This effect is protected by spraying a film of trasparent varnish on jewelry.



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Workshop - Show Room: 30 Lekka Str., Athens Greece, Τel.: +30 210 32 42 483, E-mail: margarita.meitani@gmail.com

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